Isaiah’s Scale: Plowshare to Crop


February 18, 2015 by Melanie L.


Sculptor Jordan Griska literally “beat” this 45′ long U.S. Grumman SE-2 tracker into a greenhouse.  With a wingspan of 73 feet, it dwarfs my son, a figurative crop.

More on this amazing Philadelphia sculpture:





Check out my fellow bloggers interpretations of “Scale” in the links below.

27 thoughts on “Isaiah’s Scale: Plowshare to Crop

  1. 2e0mca says:

    It looks like it’s definitely ‘come a cropper’ and the young man really adds a sense of scale 🙂


  2. timelesslady says:

    Didn’t know this was in Philadelphia, I live across the river in NJ, we will have to track it down. Do you have the address of where it is located?


  3. senK says:

    Lovely scale comparison 🙂


  4. Robin says:

    What an awesome photo for the Scale challenge! Your angle of the plane is perfect and I love that your son is looking up. You make me miss Philly 🙂


  5. Superb shot!!!! Loved it!

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  6. Brother Dave says:

    Very interesting shot. You certainly love to shoot! Thank you for visiting my blog too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Lifelover says:

    Perfect choice for the ” scale” challenge. 👍👍


  8. TurboBlaze says:

    Awesome photo! By the way, just asking, how much time you spent including all those pingbacks??

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  9. Swav says:

    Thanks for pingback 🙂 cheers from Ireland

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  10. Thanks for the visit and ping back over at CTB 😀 . Since they changed format on WP nobody takes the time to ‘ping’ anymore. Much appreciated.
    Love your shot and it shows great scale 🙂

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  11. blkkat49 says:

    That’s quite a scale and a great sight. Looks like an adventure for any child. Thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my page.

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  12. julial213 says:

    Thanks for the pingback. I think I have a picture of the other side of the plane with the flowers. Not sure where the picture is. ~Julia

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  13. Madhu says:

    Perfect choice for the challenge! Thank you for the pingback.

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