6 Reasons Why Single Women Should Break A Leg

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May 15, 2015 by Melanie L.

The threshold of summer is upon us. Let the dating season begin!

My Own Champion

And by “break a leg” I don’t mean the stage-performance version of “do a great job out there!”  I mean actually break it:


Think about it.  The unofficial kick-off to summertime – prime dating season – is upon us and you’ve been on the prowl longer than you’d like to admit with no prospects to show for it.  Ok, so maybe that clown with the twitchy spread-eagle fingers, the buck tooth (not two, just the one), and the inability to look you in the eye approached you – twice.  But, I don’t mean him.   So you took matters in your own hands.  You gathered your courage and went over to some tall drink of water on the other side of the bar only to find out: 1. he’s married; 2. he’s your bestie’s sister’s ex; 3. he’s been arrested (like, last year) for salacious behavior on a college campus; 4. he’s…

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